Utah Euro Crowd

August 10, 2017



Local meets are usually a good time and for the most part, I try to spend them socializing instead of being antisocial with my camera. However, the weather and that lighting... I couldn't resist.


993 Porsche Crest


 Where to start... I know! The 993!


Chauncey's E30

For those of you who've seen Shift Pattern episodes will recognize this one. This is the first car I featured.

With a monthly meet up, weather can play a huge role in whether or not anyone will turn up. As the time for the meet approached, so did a heavy thunderstorm. It's not unusual in our state to catch one of these storms on a bad day and end up with hail damage. So, the evening was looking doubtful, but as the storm passed, the evening's light was staggering and those who braved the storm had quite the scene for shooting the breeze.



Here are a couple of gentlemen that braved such circumstances, discussing this car's ability to embarrass most anything on the road.




Properly done Volvos are always welcome. Always.


When I see this combo, only one thing comes to mind and it's in the words of Avril Lavigne's Complicated "Chill out, it's all been done before" but it has for a good reason. Style 5s look epic on E30s.


Couple that with a proper tire and it's even better. The question is, what do you prefer? Meat or stretch?



This was the first public appearance of a car that has been under the knife for a good while. You may recognize it if you've watched a YouTube series called Salt City Euros. Max has been tirelessly wrenching away to get it to this stage. Having experienced what it's like to endure the pains encountered while swapping a drivetrain, I couldn't help but be congratulatory and overly excited to see this move on its own power. 


And although it sounds like it'll take a little tweaking, this car's plans are to really move.


After breaking my normal rule, I put the camera down and hung out for the remainder of the evening. I think the results were worth it just this once.

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